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As is increasingly the case, modern car servicing and repair is all about diagnostics and trained operatives. Our feeling is that with classic cars it is more about experience and knowing who to go to for specialist services. We prefer that our welding is done by someone who specialises in welding, our engineering services by  a man who has worked 30+ years in his engineering shop and so on.
Over the years we have come across products that in our view are essential for classic engines. For example modern spec oils are not made for older cars and using them can be harmful. Just a simple thing like using the right quality oil enhanced by Faher treatments and/or Moreys can dramatically increase levels of component protection, performance and efficiency.
At Ashford Classic Cars we are all about enjoying our classic cars in an affordable way. We are also about identifying the classic cars of the future. One may have to take a five year view but we are confident that certain marques which are not that sort after now will become so. This is just a case of history repeating itself. Many a Mark1 Escort, Capri or Sierra Cosworth were scrapped in their day, just look at the values now !!
Servicing and repairs
The range of classic cars is almost infinite and it would be disingenuous of us to claim that we can take on every vehicle, but we are experienced enough to know our strengths and weaknesses and will only take on work where we are totally confodent that we can meet your expectations. We are also confident that we offer exceptional service and value for money.
McNair Motorsport 

We are specialists in all aspects of classic and retro cars from restorations, full track and race car builds and management of projects.

We have close associations with some of the country's top engine builders and have close links to one of the areas top paint sprayers.

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